Monday, April 6, 2009


Ahh, Boston: a reprieve from the pain and gloom that pervades a certain block of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Feasted on a giant bowl of granola and fruit at Soundbites with A and J. A chuckled at my selection. "I guess if you like something, stick with it!" And I said, "I guess if I can only eat one thing on the menu, I have to stick with it!" *insert laughter here* J lost his father last month, and his brother is on the verge of passing away. I am thankful that my grief does not actually involve a person dying.

No-moo Peanut Butter in the Vault at Herrell's with M. The deja vu was overwhelming. I felt like we ought to a) be doing chemistry hw, b) be slugging from flasks previously stashed in a garter belt, or c) making out. Alas, we just ate ice cream, which is another activity that occurred frequently, once upon a time, among the sea anemones and other aquatic life immortalized on its walls.

I baked Cinnamon Buns for sunday potluck brunch at B's home in Salem. L cooked overnight omelette. V photographed the affair. A 16 pound cat was involved. Have you ever seen a 16 pound cat? Freaking huge, man.

Oh, and just because....

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