Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mark Bittman is my hero

I've been busy lately. Haven't had time to cull the best from the whole slew of blogs I try to keep up with. So you'll have to do with me culling from the NY Times, and more specifically, Mark Bittman's contributions from the previous few weeks.

When the food writer for the NY Times starts dropping the word "vegan" in, say, every 4th article he writes for the paper and every 12th time he posts on his blog, things are changing in the world. I fear for his job, actually. Are the benefits - health-wise and yummy-wise - of a vegan diet finally getting the attention they deserve? And in America's best newspaper, no less? Mark Bittman is helping to do just that. Plus, if anyone remembers the infamous photo taken of his "kitchen," he's an inspiration to tiny apartment dwellers everywhere. Of which I am not anymore, though. Hooray Somerville!

His recent post of 101 summer salads rocked my world. It's the summer. I'm lazy. Once I get to the farmer's market and procure my veggies, I have to cook them?!?! Rubbish! I can just dress them in any one of, well, 36-54 ways. (36 are all vegan, 54 are adaptable veggie). Note he chose to list the vegan salads first, and ended with those that included meat.

Recipes for 101 simple salads for the season [NY Times]
An almost-vegan savory breakfast [NY Times]
More vegetable less egg fritatta [NY Times]

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