Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday night cooking party

Let's see, tonight I really got back into the swing of things with cooking. Life has gotten pretty tumultuous as of late as most of you know. Love, my apartment, my city of residence, school, everything is changing all at once. What isn't changing? I had a ton of Chemistry to do tonight and you know what I did instead? That's right.

I made a cake in my rice cooker. I threw it together without a recipe and it was edible but not spectacular. I'll keep experimenting. I ate half the thing because 1) it was freshly baked, and 2) i doused it in maple syrup. And everything tastes better smothered in maple syrup...

New 2 quart All-Clad saucier, check it. Because when you buy your very first piece of cookware you might as well start with the best. And it was ON SALE. Bitchin'.

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